Writer’s Wednesday!

All writings here are original stories by Autumn Brutyn.

Wolf Pup–An Original Fable

An original fable, inspired by the works of Aesop. A young wolf pup wanders through a freezing blizzard in search of shelter. Will he find refuge with his fellow creatures? Or will he perish in the night?

WW Elementals–Finale Part 1

Part 1 of the finale for this long-running series. We take a closer look at what made Selene the way she is, and the aftermath of the hunter’s chase. Could these girls have remained normal? Or does their power, like Selene’s, tempt fate?

Apocalypse 6–Back from the Dead

The sixth edition in the Apocalypse writing series. Chains are shattered and boundaries crossed in this new addition in the saga. Ash faces a tough decision as Jax faces a ghost from his past.

Apocalypse 5–The Choosing

Another heart-pounding edition of the Apocalypse series. Ash and Jax face dismal odds under the mercy of a strange group of men; will they survive through this never-ending day?

Midnight Rogue 3–Dawn

A closer look into the enigma of the Midnight Rogue. What makes this skinny teenage girl the ultimate assassin? Find out here!

WW-Elementals–Silver and Screams

A continuation of the “Elementals” series. Selene is shocked by the sudden resurrection of a friend; a crowd flocks to the streets for a mysterious death.

Apocalypse 3- Part 2- Storm Clouds and Smoke

In part two of Apocalypse edition three… will the family in the building help them, with Ash on the brink of death and Jax muddied and panicking? Will they turn them away… or even worse, shoot them where they stand? Learn it all on Apocalypse 3- Part 2- Storm Clouds and Smoke.

Midnight Rogue 2- Vengeance… Writer’s Wednesday!

You won’t want to miss the second edition of the Midnight Rogue saga! The Midnight Rogue may be the huntress, but someone is hunting her down. Ben Renee attempts to track down the assassin after she kills the man responsible for his sister’s death.

Midnight Rogue- A Writer’s Wednesday Story

A mysterious renegade assassin stalks the outer boroughs for sinners, seeking justice for the innocent. No one knows why she does this, or what becomes of her victims. All the people know is to lock your doors. Board up the windows. Turn off all lights. Be careful at night… because she always waits till midnight to strike.

Writer’s Block. A Writer’s Wednesday Poem

A poem about the struggle of writing… well, anything! Essay, story, important document… this is dedicated to all my writers who have stared at a blank page and can only manage your name and the date.

Throw-back Thursday! Mind Games Finale

Life was perfect. For two weeks, Vivian had it all… and more. The concert of her middle-school career is dawning, starring her as a soloist. But after James suddenly disappears, Vivian is thrown back into the treachery. Will she end it all for good? Or admit defeat to her worst nightmare?

Writer’s Wednesday: Apocalypse

Ash and Jax, two teenagers on the opposite sides of life are united by the crumbling world. They are forced to make the ultimate choice: once the world has caught fire and the only voice you can hear is your own, do you continue the search? Search for human life that may or may not exist? Or do you rise from the ashes like a phoenix, building an entirely new life? A dramatic new story, all on this week’s Writer’s Wednesday.

Sharing Our Stories: Language, Communication, and Why Words Matter

Recently, I entered into a contest with the topic of “Why Words Matter” hosted by my city’s Cultural Awareness Society. I won in my age group with this short essay I wrote with the topic in mind. Enjoy! ********************** Could you imagine even a day of utter, all-encompassing silence? As a child, the silent game… Continue reading Sharing Our Stories: Language, Communication, and Why Words Matter

Writer’s Wednesday! Sea 🌊

*Note- This is a continuation of The Elemental Series. Find the rest (categorized by element) in the archives! Daria woke up in a cold sweat. There was someone watching her. Cautiously tiptoeing over to the window, she skirted around her bedside table, pushing aside the flowing curtains that billowed in the wind. Squinting out, the… Continue reading Writer’s Wednesday! Sea 🌊

Writer’s Wednesday… Escape!

*This is a continuation of Kate Paxton’s story, starting from the first ever Writer’s Wednesday. Some days were fine. So fine that I almost felt like a normal student as I sat at my desk, twirling a lock of sun-bleached blond hair around my finger. Other days the late-summer mountains looked like heaven outside the… Continue reading Writer’s Wednesday… Escape!

Writer’s Wednesday! The Search

A continuation of last week’s story (scroll down to read it!) “Mrs. Paxton, how would you say that you’ve done with your daughter’s disappearance? Do you think that they can find her?” The wide-eyed reporter asked, with an almost childlike anticipation hanging off her every word. And exactly the opposite of her, Mrs. Mae Paxton… Continue reading Writer’s Wednesday! The Search

Writer’s Wednesday!

“Come back… Kate, come back!” A frantic woman called after me, over and over. “Come back!” More voices joined in with cries of their own. “You are in big trouble!” “You can’t just run away!” “Kate Paxton! Get back here this instant. You can’t just live in the woods, now can you?” The begs and… Continue reading Writer’s Wednesday!

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