Writer’s Wednesday!

All writings here are original stories by Autumn Brutyn.

The Iris City

Imagine a world where society–jobs, families, even schools–are separated by eye color. That has been Blythe’s reality for her entire life, until one day, her boxed-off life is turned upside down.

Midnight Rogue 4–Origins

What turns a normal teen into a ruthless killer? What lights the flame of vengeance in a euphoric young girl? Will she pay the price of playing Death…and, most importantly, who has to die for her revenge?

Wolf Pup–An Original Fable

An original fable, inspired by the works of Aesop. A young wolf pup wanders through a freezing blizzard in search of shelter. Will he find refuge with his fellow creatures? Or will he perish in the night?

WW Elementals–Finale Part 1

Part 1 of the finale for this long-running series. We take a closer look at what made Selene the way she is, and the aftermath of the hunter’s chase. Could these girls have remained normal? Or does their power, like Selene’s, tempt fate?

Apocalypse 6–Back from the Dead

The sixth edition in the Apocalypse writing series. Chains are shattered and boundaries crossed in this new addition in the saga. Ash faces a tough decision as Jax faces a ghost from his past.

Apocalypse 5–The Choosing

Another heart-pounding edition of the Apocalypse series. Ash and Jax face dismal odds under the mercy of a strange group of men; will they survive through this never-ending day?

Midnight Rogue 3–Dawn

A closer look into the enigma of the Midnight Rogue. What makes this skinny teenage girl the ultimate assassin? Find out here!

WW-Elementals–Silver and Screams

A continuation of the “Elementals” series. Selene is shocked by the sudden resurrection of a friend; a crowd flocks to the streets for a mysterious death.

Apocalypse 3- Part 3- Burned Star

The conclusion to Apocalypse Part 3… learn the truth behind Vixen and her true name, and see Ash’s perspective on the mysterious nameless people.

Apocalypse 3- Part 2- Storm Clouds and Smoke

In part two of Apocalypse edition three… will the family in the building help them, with Ash on the brink of death and Jax muddied and panicking? Will they turn them away… or even worse, shoot them where they stand? Learn it all on Apocalypse 3- Part 2- Storm Clouds and Smoke.

Midnight Rogue 2–Vengeance

You won’t want to miss the second edition of the Midnight Rogue saga! The Midnight Rogue may be the huntress, but someone is hunting her down. Ben Renee attempts to track down the assassin after she kills the man responsible for his sister’s death.

Midnight Rogue- A Writer’s Wednesday Story

A mysterious renegade assassin stalks the outer boroughs in search of sinners, seeking justice for the innocent. No one knows why she does this, or what becomes of her victims. All the people know is to lock your doors. Board up the windows. Turn off all lights. Be careful at night… because she always waits…

Writer’s Block. A Writer’s Wednesday Poem

A poem about the struggle of writing… well, anything! Essay, story, important document… this is dedicated to all my writers who have stared at a blank page and can only manage your name and the date.

Throw-back Thursday! Mind Games Finale

Life was perfect. For two weeks, Vivian had it all… and more. The concert of her middle-school career is dawning, starring her as a soloist. But after James suddenly disappears, Vivian is thrown back into the treachery. Will she end it all for good? Or admit defeat to her worst nightmare?

Writer’s Wednesday! Apocalypse 2

Jax and Ash are rattled by a natural disaster just as life-threatening as the Burn. As flash backs strike fast and tensions run high, what will kill them first? Their animosity? Or the crumbling world?

Writer’s Wednesday! Into the Crypt

A supernatural presence has lain dormant in the tomb of Inara Nightlock for years. When Orion takes orders to destroy the long-hidden secrets of her fateful demise, the powers trapped within start to stir.

Writer’s Wednesday: Apocalypse

Ash and Jax, two teenagers on the opposite sides of life are united by the crumbling world. They are forced to make the ultimate choice: once the world has caught fire and the only voice you can hear is your own, do you continue the search? Do you search for human life that may or…

Sharing Our Stories: Language, Communication, and Why Words Matter

Recently, I entered into a contest with the topic of “Why Words Matter” hosted by my city’s Cultural Awareness Society. I won in my age group with this short essay I wrote with the topic in mind. Enjoy! ********************** Could you imagine even a day of utter, all-encompassing silence? As a child, the silent game…

Mind Games 4- Aftershocks

Vivian Rose is dead. Or what she thinks might be worse. Grief. Despair. Love. Happiness. Heartache. A million emotions pound her all at once, and there is only one person to blame: James’ father.

Writer’s Wednesday! The Huntsman

The Huntsman. A fool in love with a maiden goddess. The most fearsome assassin of all time. A hunter by nature, a tracker by soul…and he has his sights set on the Elementals. He would do anything for Artemis. Anything, including murder.

Writer’s Wednesday! 🌠Without a Trace

“Without a trace.” The words whispered all through the town, the county. Mira Casse, gone into the night, leaving a heartbroken “mother” behind to mourn. But when Artemis decides to avenge Selene’s wrongdoing, she goes straight to the source of Selene’s humanity…. the farm where she grew up. Melissa Casse is in for a night…

Writer’s Wednesday! 🌎Earth 2- Frenzy

Word has spread of the mysterious disappearances. Girl after girl evaporating into thin air, all with strange powers and dramatic stories. What will happen when the world starts to wonder?

Writer’s Wednesday! Sea 🌊

Daria awakes early in the morning with an uneasy feeling that she dismisses. Nothing, right? Just a feeling? Wrong. Something dangerous lurks beyond the shore, and Daria is about to dive in.

Writer’s Wednesday! Storm ⚡🌀

Trapped in a house of pristine walls and the echoing bellows of her alcoholic father, Talia Thorn experiences the storm of her life on a blustery London evening.

🔥Writer’s Wednesday! Embers

Kenna King was born with fire in her soul. In class, at home, everywhere, her passion bursts in her actions. When danger strikes her school, can she contain the fire long enough to survive?

Writer’s Wednesday!🌙 Starlight Edition.

Confronted with the torture of “forever” in its truest form and the endless nevers–never aging, never leaving Olympus, never dying, never being human–Selene is forced to make the hardest choice of her life thus far.

Writer’s Wednesday! Back to reality

Crashing back to reality, Kate finds herself face-to-face with a smug therapist and a future full of monotony. Demons of her past resurfacing, will her future be any different than her past? Or deja-vu of the life she escaped once before?

Writer’s Wednesday! 🌲Captured!

Kate’s paradise is disrupted by malicious visitors. Can she hold on to her dream? Or will it be wrenched from her grasp by the life she used to know?

Writer’s Wednesday… Special Lunar Edition!

Mira Casse drifts off to sleep on her rural Ohio farm, but while she sleeps she dreams of a person so familiar its like they’ve met before. Because they have. And that raises the question: was she ever really dreaming at all?

Writer’s Wednesday! Campfire Horror Story

Murders in the dark woods are just in movies, right? No.The figure lurking in the black is real. And he’s coming for them. Will they survive the night? Or perish under his wrath?

Writer’s Wednesday! The Search

Kate Paxton’s mother shows no remorse. Not when she discovered the disappearance of her only child. Not for a long time. Ever since that day…

Writer’s Wednesday!

Kate Paxton has lived her entire life in a city where no one understands. Her only comfort, her only solace is within the woods outside of Sapphire Peaks. Can she bring herself to leave her life behind? Or will she be trapped forever?

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