Poem, Writer's Wednesday!

A house is just a house- A Writer’s Wednesday Poem!

In the spirit of April, the poetry celebration month, this is another poem I wrote for English class that I find to be thought-provoking and really makes you think about everyday things.

A house is just a house- A poem by Autumn Brutyn

A house is just a house.

Each wall is simply wood,

The roof is but a scrawny slab of shingles.

A house is just a house.

Or is it?

Have you ever given a second thought

To the railing on the stairs?

It helps you when you’re weak,

But you don’t do the same.

It supports you on your rise,

Helps you all the way…

Yet you don’t do the same.

And when you reach the top,

Reach your destination,

The place where it worked so hard to get you,

You let go.

It’s just not useful anymore… so you let go.

Discard it thoughtlessly, everyday.

Abandon that rail when it helped you so much.

Have you ever given it a second thought?

No, you haven’t, have you?

When a light bulb gets dim, you don’t

Give it any light, you don’t fix it!

No, you throw it away.

Simply because it lacked light.

After all it had illuminated,

It lives in the trash.

All because it was dim that one day.

When you’re depressed, or dull,

Do we throw you in the trash?

No, we don’t!

It’s different, you say,

But is it really?

A house is just a house.

The stairs are just a structure,

A light is just a light,

The rail is simply wood.

A house is just a house.

Or is it?

Poem, Writer's Wednesday!

Writer’s Wednesday! Summer Soiree- A poem

Image from Walldevil

This week, I was inspired to change it up a little bit and post a poem instead of the usual fictional piece because of the poetry unit we are doing in ELA. In English, summer soiree translates to summer evening, and I wanted to represent my vision of a warm, late summer night when the world is on the cusp of autumn.

Summer soiree by Autumn Brutyn

The sun sets over the world

Illuminating the land in a golden glow

Beams of light receding,

Welcoming the shadows of night.

As the moon descends from heaven,

A pale and milky white,

And drenches the sky in moonlight,

Upon this summer night.

An eagle watches from a far up branch,

Surveying the rolling lands

A sea of trees with yellowing leaves

Heavenly and serene upon the gnarled branch he stands.

How could such an ugly color

Give way to brilliant gold?

How can such a grotesque, rotting yellow,

Hold orange and fiery crimsons untold?

Each baring branch claws the sky,

Bathed in silver light,

Each blade of grass glimmers with dew,

The world shines with moonbeams

Descending from the sky.

Feathers ruffle in the breeze,

Gazing out to the sparkling sea

A distant wave crashes,

A cry out to the land.

Sand glimmers gold in the sweet shining light

A symphony of sounds whisper on the wind

Tides pounding the shore, a canary’s lovestruck song,

Melancholy gales howl through the trees

Yet the eagle still stands strong.

Summer soiree, the moon is shining bright

Summer evening, autumn creeps through the world

Summer soiree, an eagle surveys the night

Beautiful starlight as the dark gives way to day,

The gorgeous, gleaming colors

Soft wind blows over

Heaven on earth, the perfect

Summer soiree