The Art of Self-Inflicted Busy Work

Over-achievers and ambitious people: this one’s for you! Self-inflicted busy work sounds fancy, but it may be something that you’ve struggled with your whole life.

Why are people so rude to each other?

Why are people so rude to each other? Never budging on an opinion, arguing endlessly, spreading rumors and misinformation, judging others relentlessly… is there a cause? Or is it just human nature?

Do’s and Don’ts of the Internet

What should I post and shouldn’t I post online? Should I send that text? How can I be safe and professional on the internet when all the content is so subjective? Learn what you need to know and read some of the most useful advice you’ll ever hear.

Making Decisions: 3 Tactics For Handling Choices

With high school rolling around the corner, I’ve been faced with a lot of new decisions. For the indecisive of you out there, here are three things that I do when trying to make any decision–big, little, important, stupid.

First day of contacts and beyond–the ultimate guide!

This is your ultimate guide to all things contacts! It will answer: How do I put in and take out contacts? How do I clean contacts? How can I tell if my contacts are ripped/torn/inside out? Why can’t I sleep or swim with contacts in? What should I do if my contact is broken?

Fighting Forgetfulness

Forgetfulness. If you’re anything like me, this one thirteen letter word causes an overwhelming tide of problems crashing into your everyday life: frantic calls, lost items, rushing around like a chicken with their head cut off. Plagued by a ditzy, wandering mind, that relentless forgetfulness that keeps surfacing has left me feeling frazzled and unprepared…

Sharing Our Stories: Language, Communication, and Why Words Matter

Recently, I entered into a contest with the topic of “Why Words Matter” hosted by my city’s Cultural Awareness Society. I won in my age group with this short essay I wrote with the topic in mind. Enjoy! ********************** Could you imagine even a day of utter, all-encompassing silence? As a child, the silent game…

Envy- Why we feel it, how to get rid of it

“There’s always going to be someone better.” If you are anything like me, you’ve heard this before. And it breaks your heart every time. I’ve been there! I hate those words more than anything. Why? Because I want to be the best at something. Anything. A simple desire, yet one that causes a lot of…

The Simple 5-Step Plan: Get Better At Anything!

With any new (or old) hobby or passion, the desire for growth is always there. But growth and achievement seem virtually impossible when you don’t know where to start. Without a plan? Not only can you not imagine the challenges you need to face, but they will be tougher to manage once they do inevitably…

5 easy tips to form good habits and break bad ones

Ugh. I really should exercise today… You think, throwing off the sheets and looking down at yourself self-consciously. It had been days since you’d gotten actual, true physical activity, more than walking back and forth from the fridge to the couch and hopping in the car to drive to work or school, where you spend…

Gratitude: Taking a look at the little things

Sometimes life is rough. The smooth seas of childhood won’t last forever: the blissful days in the sun, drifting peacefully to sleep after a long day, the sweet, positive outlook on life that makes everything seem radiant and beautiful. The angry torrents of problems will crash over you, pushing you beneath the surface sometimes. You…

Could the key to happiness and health be a simple project?

People have millions of theories as to how to get rid of boredom, stop bad habits, not overeat, even to live a happy, joyful life! But do all of them really work? Absolutely not. The main problem is that most of them are just simply too big. For example, happiness. Some say just to focus…

50 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Things to Do When You’re Bored

Everyone has those days where you are just plain BORED. Lounging on the couch, aimlessly scrolling through your phone, staring up at the ceiling. In theory, there are plenty things to do! But sometimes, you just can’t think of one interesting thing for the life of it. So don’t stare at the ceiling forever, or…

3 Simple Hacks to Improve Your Health that You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner!

Do you feel good about yourself today? It is a broad question many aren’t sure how to answer. Does this inquiry question well-being? Health? Anxiety levels? The answer is all of them. Sadly, for a myriad of people all across the globe, the answer to this not-so-simple question would be a no. But what if…

How bullet journaling could organize your life (with examples)

*The first two segments are all about the concept of a bullet journal and how to set up your own. If you already have one, feel free to skip ahead to the page ideas. What is a bullet journal? Bullet journaling is simply an on-paper method of normal journaling, created by Ryder Carroll as a…

How to eliminate absentminded eating

Have you ever eaten a full bag of chips and moments later regretted it? Or, even worse, not remember eating at all? Chances are, you have done this (I have too). Absent minded eating is a big problem for obesity related issues and are a constant struggle when you are trying to eat healthy or…

Getting the most out of sports

Sports aren’t always as easy as they seem in the movies. Find out how to motivate yourself to be the best you can while also respecting your limits and not overworking!

How to save the environment (For lazy people)

Introduction *Note: This is a small sample of writing I did on this topic. If you are not interested, feel free to skip ahead to the actual content. You toss and turn, and your head is bursting with a million thoughts, and you can’t sleep. All of a sudden, in the darkness of your room,…

Hello! Welcome to Life and Lemons!

Struggles are a completely normal part of life. Those struggles can be like lemons: sour and hard to manage. But when you taste lemonade, it’s sweet! So how could such a sweet drink come from a sour fruit? Well, making lemonade isn’t always easy. And I’m here to help! Welcome to Life and Lemons, where…

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