It’s such a strange concept to ponder

Yet when my thoughts do wander

I often find myself thinking

Of the lives of those from yonder

Through time and space my mind does leap

Through valleys and mountains in an arcing sweep

And I think of my ancestors

Back in the past, through years so long and deep

I see through their eyes

I see what they have seen, I fantasize

That all these visions in my head

Aren’t just delusions that I actualize

Forests, endless, green and earthy

Loves and losses, their unique journey

I’ll never know if these visions hold any truth at all

How can I discover if my fantasies are seaworthy?

I lie awake, perturbed and restless

These endless qualms always leave me breathless

Because I will never know

And though my own time is so very precious,

I return time and time again, to them 

Those from which all of history will stem

Our ancestors, our past, our blood

And through all this mayhem

A truth emerges, a few things that are certain

Life is a grand stage in which we stand behind the curtain

And once it comes time to play our part

We play our role as we choose, putting our worth in

And those before us did exactly the same

They gazed at the moon through a slightly different frame

Watched our sun chart a course through the sky

And did all this under their own stage name

It’s such a strange concept to ponder

Yet when my thoughts do wander

I often find myself thinking

Of the lives of those from yonder

My ancestors

Your ancestors

Our ancestors

6 thoughts on “Ancestors”

  1. I feel like this poem needs to be written in a comic/graphic novel style. Have you considered drawing small images to go along with each stanza? Maybe even little characters among your words? vines hanging off your line, little figures sleeping/climbing?

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    1. No, I haven’t, but that’s a great idea! I completely get what you’re saying. Maybe in future poems or this one I could do this, making lines rise like mountains and drawing waves when describing the sea. It would definitely give more dimension to my writing. I’ll have to try it! (:


  2. I very much enjoyed your poem, Autumn, especially as I, too, think often about my ancestors. Because of my age, I did have the unique and special opportunity to know many of our ancestors and can share with you that they all had very unique stories, especially those who journeyed from their homes overseas to this country to start new lives. Like the line in your poem, they all viewed the moon through different frames, which made them, like us, unique in our own ways.

    I encourage you to always remember your ancestry and to always appreciate the lives and stories of those what have gone before us. Each and every person was a contributor to the unique individual you have become. I promise you that they would all be impressed and proud of you as the most recent branch of their family tree and never ending legacy.

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