Poem, Writer's Wednesday!

✨Happiness- A Writer’s Wednesday Poem!

Source: The Economic Times


The true treasure of man.

People search their lives for the key to it,

Desperately looking for some big secret.

But they will never find it, though they try with all their power.

The harder they search, the further it slips away,

Like grappling for soap in a hot shower,

Getting more out of reach with each futile day.

Why? It’s simple.

There is no real key.

Happiness lies in the little things.

The more you look for it, the less you see

Happiness is fuzzy socks on a cold day,

it is the warmth of the hearth on Christmas night.

Happiness is the wind in your hair as you whip down a

Rollercoaster, exhilarated and screaming with joy and fright.

Happiness is the beautiful, echoing note singing out of a french horn.

Sweet and pure, so dainty! Like a rose without a thorn.

You can feel it in the tide that laps against your toes,

You can smell it in the breeze that brings sea salt to your nose!

Happiness is inside jokes with a friend,

Laughter that never seems to end.

Happiness is the brilliant blue expanse of summer sky,

Laying on your back watching clouds drift by.

Happiness is the sugary, mouthwatering cookie dough

As you lick it from the spoon, laughing at the warning with a defiant glow.

Happiness is singing your heart out to a song,

Dancing around the room, feeling so free,

So deliriously joyful that your heart just might burst

As you hit the perfect note while you sing along.

That golden glow of happiness that we crave so dearly

Is found not by one specific thing,

But by all the little moments that clearly

Make life worth living.

3 thoughts on “✨Happiness- A Writer’s Wednesday Poem!”

  1. Phenomenal poem, Autumn!!! I love the “Happiness Is…” portions of the piece, especially the cookie dough analogy!!! I completely agree that happiness is found in the most simple things that occur in everyday existence. There is really no need to search for happiness. Instead, simply experience it through your daily interactions with those who mean the most to your life. If I might add an additional “happiness…” ; Happiness is having amazing, talented, and loving grandchildren to cherish.”

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  2. Sometimes happiness isn’t just in the moments, though those are always good too, but in a person. We all know one or two people that are just happiness in the form of a human being. The happiness that they give you is addictive, and awesome, and wholesome, and warm. That happiness comes in the form of their smiles, and laughter, and the twinkle they get in their eyes when they are up to no good. Never let go of those people, they are what makes life worth living.


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